Skinceuticals products

At FIXX, our skincare specialists only recommend Skinceuticals products.

Research and innovation are at the core of the SkinCeuticals mission, and their dedication to science has established the brand as a leader in the advanced skincare arena. SkinCeuticals has a special line of products to help correct, exfoliate and rehabilitate skin that has already been damaged by the sun and environment. These products are especially formulated for sensitive areas of the face such as the eyes and lips.


Care for your skin with SkinCeuticals protective line of skin care products. UVA/UVB protection is available to keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays.


SkinCeuticals  helps prevent future skin problems. Age takes its toll on your skin, but SkinCeuticals has a product line with essential antioxidants to keep you looking young.

Cleanse and Tone

These facial cleansers contain rejuvenating ingredients such as hydroxy acids, botanical extracts and purifying agents to restore your skin and leave it soft, smooth and healthy. These products also remove impurities, wash away oils and exfoliate dead skin cells.


SkinCeuticals  has a multi-functional line of moisturizers that protect, nourish, hydrate and exfoliate dry skin.


Fighting acne is made easy with SkinCeuticals acne care system. The acne fighting line stops breakouts, prevents scarring, cleanses pores, fights the bacteria that cause acne and smoothes your complexion.


SkinCeuticals’ body products  contain special ingredients to exfoliate and moisturize the body, as well as improve skin tone and color.

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